Participation statement, Terms and conditions

We are happy that you have serious interest to step into the adventures in Japan which means adventures not only physically but also culturally and mentally.

Thank you so much for your serious thought.

And let’s remember the basic fact that hiking, trail running, and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.
Adventures will always have a potentially uncertain outcome and will always carry risks therefore.
Part of our aim is to help our clients aware of the processes we use to manage risk.
But we can’t remove all risk to clients or from people around us.

Anyone booking a trip must ensure they have read, understood and agreed to the following statement and terms and conditions prior to booking.

We ask all clients to carefully consider whether the activities specified suit their individual needs, expectations, and capabilities.

We ask that clients acknowledge that going into mountain areas is potentially hazardous.
This implies a potential risk of injury or, in extreme circumstances, loss of life.
Anyone joining a trip must consider this very seriously and take responsibility for their participation and both acknowledge and accept these risks.

Terms and conditions

1. Free Bird Alpine JAPAN is in the business to help people realise their goals operated buy Haruko Suzuki (hereinafter ‘the guide’). The guide do best to make the clients’ trip both a positive and rewarding experience.

2.Any reference to the term ‘trip’ in these booking conditions covers any course, trek, walk, climb, event, expedition, or otherwise named product or service we sell or provide.

3.All bookings are made with the guide, Haruko Suzuki, 242-0007, 6-3-4-301 Chuo Rinkan, Yamato-city, Kanagawa, Japan.

4.The terms and conditions of all agreements made with the guide shall be subject to and governed by Japanese Law.

Payment – price and deposit
5.    Payment in full is required at the point of booking or other time the guide indicate.

Cancelations and Refunds
6.    Cancellation of a trip by the guide will entitle you to a refund of the full cost of your trip excluding any transaction fees incurred directly by the guide, unless cancellation has been forced by an Act of God, force majeure, or unforeseen government intervention, in which case the actual costs incurred by the guide will be subtracted from any refund due. No other compensation will be allowable.
7.    The guide reserves the right to cancel any trip that does not have sufficient people taking part to make the trip financially viable. If a trip is likely to be cancelled under such circumstances, the guide will notice the fact as soon as possible.
8.    Cancellation of bookings requested by the Client must be notified to the guide in writing by email or message via Facebook. Refund conditions are based upon the date of receipt by us of written notification and set out below and repeated on-line in our Returns Policy:
i.    14 days of departure – 0% of the refundable amount returned
ii.   15 – 30 days of departure – 50% of the refundable amount returned
iii.  31+ days of departure – 100% of the refundable amount returned
9.    In all cases the administrative and transaction costs borne by the guide in making refunds, amounting to 10% of the amount agreed due for refund, will be deducted from the amount agreed prior to any refund transaction being made to the client.

10.    Whilst the guide will make every effort to adhere to a planned itinerary, it must be realized that in this type of adventurous travel your final itinerary may differ from that previously communicated.
11.    Itinerary changes may occur at short notice due to adverse weather, force majeure, mountain conditions, client or leader illness, road conditions, or to operating conditions imposed by owners and operators of accommodation, facilities, aircraft, vessels and other forms of transport, for which the guide accepts no responsibility howsoever caused.
12.    The guide will make every effort to inform you of the nature of any change and its impact as we know of each change before or after departure. Should any changes prove unavoidable and involve clients in extra costs, such as accommodation, transportation and meals, any such costs will be borne by the client.

13.    In making a booking you attest that you understand hiking, climbing, mountaineering, and trekking are all hazardous activities that carry a risk of serious injury or death.
14.    Neither the guide nor any of their representatives will be responsible for any illness, injury or death sustained on their trip except where such illness, injury or death is caused by negligence on the part of their representatives, nor will they be liable for any uninsured loss of personal property or equipment brought on any trip.
15.    On assessing the likely conditions expected to be encountered in the mountains or the abilities of the team members, the guide may decide to change any aspect of the trip if they believe that to continue with the itinerary would place anyone at undue risk.

16.    To take part in one of our trips it is your responsibility to be covered by insurance adequate for the activity for complete duration of the trip. Your insurance must include cover for: cancellation, medical expenses, injury, death, the costs of repatriation, search and rescue, and helicopter evacuation.
17.    If in the event of an emergency medical rescue or evacuation of a client from a trip either by foot, helicopter, or otherwise, the responsibility for the payment of such costs will lie with the client.
18.    Any subsequent post-rescue costs for expenses such as hotels, food, transport etc. shall be borne by the client.
19.    It is imperative that the client ensures adequate insurance is in place before departure and failure to demonstrate same may disqualify participation without compensation.
20.    In case of a suspected or confirmed emergency involving you or the group of which you are a member, the guide reserves the right to arrange (or to make arrangements for its or your insurers to arrange) search, rescue and recovery as it deems appropriate and reasonable. You agree to indemnify the guide and keep the guide indemnified from all losses, apportioned appropriately to you, arising from any such search, any such helicopter usage and any resulting repatriation, for medical or non-medical reasons, including legal costs of making a recovery against you.
21.    A client leaving a trip at any stage, for whatever reason, will not be entitled to any refund or compensation unless agreed by the Director of The guide.
22.    The guide shall ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect your personal data.
23.    By agreeing to these booking conditions, you consent to the guide taking photographs and/or video footage of you during the trip and that these images may be used by the guide for publicity and training purposes including, but not limited to, in brochures, websites material and in the media. Photos and video footage supplied by you or other team members may also be used as described above.
24.    On the advancement of any payment for a booking on any of our trips the client acknowledges that they have read and understood the above booking conditions and agrees to be bound by them.

25.    The guide will do their utmost to ensure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the group as a whole. Making a booking signifies your acceptance of the guide’s authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals for the benefit of the group as a whole. For instance, the guide may require an individual to leave the group if he/she believes: that person’s health is at risk; that they demonstrate inadequate fitness; if an illegal act is committed; or their behaviour becomes detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well-being of the group. In such cases of the guide taking such actions, the individual concerned will not be entitled to any refund or other compensation.


26. If an emergency situation should occur, the guide endeavours to utilise the available emergency services, to manage the incident according to their expert direction, and to make known the incident and its severity to your nominated emergency contact as soon as proves practicable.