Takamizu sanzan trail and Sake brewery

 Duration: 4.5 hours
Distance: 9.9 km
 Elevation: 1,800 m
 Activity level: Normal hiking
Start: Ikusabata Station (JR Chuo line)
Finish: Sawai Station (JR Chuo line)
Takamizu San : 759m
Iwatake Ishi Yama : 793m
Sougaku san : 756 m


In the ‘deep’ west part of Tokyo metropolis, Oku Tama area is amazingly rich in nature and make good contrast with the metropolis.
’Oku’ means ‘deep’ or ‘far’ literally.

Many people come Oku Tama for chilling one day hike, climbing, trail running or cycling.

Takamizu sanzan(高水三山) trail is 10 km, 3 to 4 hours trail start from Ikusabata station(軍畑) which is 90 minutes from Shinjuku station(新宿) by Chuo line(中央線).

I love this route so much and every year I visited here to trail run, relax and taste nice vegan cuisine.

And on the trail there is old, small but beloved temple of Jofuku in (常福院).

Jofuku in Tokyo hike Japan, okutama

Jofuku in Temple

Komainu japan hike Tokyo, oku tama

Koma inu Dogs protect the temple. So cute!

Then Iwatake ishi yama for nice view.

Iwatake ishi yama view, Tokyo hike jaoan

Iwatake ishi yama view of Tokyo

Ajisai hydrangea Tokyo hike japan

June is good season for Ajisai (hydrangea)

After Sogaku San and Aoi shrine 30 minutes of descending will take you to Mitake(御岳)Station.

From Mitake station you can walk down to the Oku Tama river side by the stair aside of Seven Eleven.
After 30 minutes of walking on riverside to east, there is a beautiful garden of Sawanoi En(澤乃井園).

Tama river tokyo hike japan

Beautiful Tama river, Tokyo’s water resource

Sawanoi En is a famous Sake brewery and restaurant.
Casual food bar has the really tasty Tofu, Soba and Amazake(Sweet sake甘酒)!

Sawai garden, hike tokyo japan

Beautiful Sawai garden

Tofu and Soba! Hike japan tokyo

Tofu and Soba! So nice!

Not only them, there is a Sake tasting bar.

Sake tasting hike tokyo, japan

Sake tasting!




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