Japan Alps Yari to Kita Hotaka 1

Sunset from Yari hike japan
  • Duration: 2 days (day 1 : Climb Mt Yari, day 2: Dai Kiretto to Kita Hotaka)
  • Distance: 50 km
  • Elevation: 1,800 m
  • Activity level: Strenuous, including rocky scrambling
  • Start: Kamikochi bus station 1,500 m
  • Finish: Kamikochi bus station
  • Mount Yari : 3,180 m
  • Kita Hotaka : 3,106 m
  • Both Nihon Hyaku Mei Zan (100 Famous mountains)

Famous for its pyramidal peak, Mount Yari (‘the spear’) is one of the most beautiful mountains in Japan.

Kita hotaka east ridge japan climbing alps Yari

Yari’s spear head summit from Kita hotaka east ridge

Yari holds the highest admiration for many climbers. The majestic characteristics of the mountain are able to be seen from many different places along the hike giving this hike the highest praise of climbers.
The first recorded climber is Monk Banryo (1786 – 1840) in 1828 it was recorded that he placed 3 buddha statues on the summit.

Start from the Kamikochi bus station, 5 – 9 hours hike leads you to Mt Yari hut and the camp site.

mount Yari tent cite climb japan

Mt Yari camp site with the view

Mt Yari hike japan

Mt Yari and the hut

Yari summit hike japan

Views from the Yari summit

If you interested in traditional alpine route in Japan, Tony san did great work!

Japan Alps scrambling, Kita Hotaka east ridge 2 days


Japan Alps Yari to Kita Hotaka 2 Dai Kiretto


Japan Alps Oku Hotaka Hida One ridge Day 2 (Karasawa - Kita Ho - Oku Ho)