Japan Alps Yari to Kita Hotaka 2 Dai Kiretto

Dai Kiretto hike japan

Dai Kiretto is a steep, rocky, scrambling trail which takes 3-4 hours to pass.

In recent years, scaffoldings were set up to decrease the risks of this advanced hike. It is STRONGLY suggested that only expert climbers inquire for Dai Kiretto hike. The sceneries are unparalleled, though with great beauty can come great challenges as serious injuries and even deaths have occurred upon this venture.

This hike is dependent upon weather conditions.

Dai kiretto climb japan

Dai kiretto view

From Yari camp site, walk 2-3 hours to arrive at Minami dake hut.

There will be a, potential, required helmet rental service upon arrival at Minami dake hut. Due to economic reason, I am unable to specify whether a required helmet service will be available.

Minami dake hut is a good resting point to refresh before the challenge of  Dai Kiretto.

Minami dake trail Hike japan

Heading to Minami dake hut

These pictures show the stunning views of the 3-4 hour Dai Kiretto hike.

Dai kiretto with last Yari view

Dai kiretto with last Yari view

Dai Kiretto hike japan

Beautiful ridges of Dai kiretto

Dai kiretto Yari hike japan

View of Dai Kiretto to Yari from the Kita Hotaka hut

The finish point of Dai Kiretto is Kita Hotaka hut.

Coffee at kita hotaka hike japan

Coffee at Kita hotaka hut

Sunset from Kita hotaka hut hike japan

Sunset from Kita hotaka hut

Moon from kita hotaka hike japan

Moon from Kita hotaka hut


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